Irene Roga. I draw comics and illustration. Also write comic scripts.
I like: Saint Seiya, Berserk, Dragon Ball, Music, birds.

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We’ve uploaded the 1st chapter of our three-book series, Lêttera, for English speakers.


Everybody go and read Lettera from my pals Studio Kôsen.

Mangabeach convention poster by IreneRoga

The poster I did in June for the manga convention Mangabeach, that will take part in Isla Cristina, Spain, in August.

Final version >here<

Just scanned this sketch I did last week and added some tones -because the scan was not very clear-
They’re Andreos and the femme-fatale from my webcomic Kyriade.

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So exciting this movie is coming soon (or so).

Estoy revisionando Avatar y ayer terminé el Libro 2: Tierra, con esos episodios tan emocionantes del final de la temporada. Luego dibujé una tira y estoy pasándola a limpio.
Estoy probando a entintar en Sai y no acabo de cogerle el gusto. La línea me sale demasiado tosca en comparación con el Mangastudio, al que ya me he acostumbrado. Lo terminaré aquí de todos modos a ver qué tal el conjunto.

I’m watching again Avatar and yesterday I finished the 2nd book: Earth, with these awesome final chapters. After that I did a comic scene and I’m inking that in Sai. It’s not very confortable for me because I’m used to Mangastudio, but I’ll finish it there anyway.

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I've learned everything! And I had to learn it on my own.

The moment you realize that Ozai banishing his eldest son was the best thing he could have done for him.

Thanks for 800!

Me está encantando Free! Cuando me he dado cuenta estaba dibujando a Haru.
//I’m watching Free! and I’m loving it. I had to draw some swiming boy rightnow!! ~~~~~~_( ´^`)/

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