Irene Roga, Spain. Manga-anime lover, bird spirit. I make comics and illustration. This Tumblr is mainly for my artworks. You can visit my other blogs in the links listed below.

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Rin !

[Just wanted to make a quick drawing but I don’t know how to quickie.]

Guess who.

Boys with baseball bats…
This is a character I created in ‘09 for a comic proyect I’m still writting, after a long time in the limbo. Now I have a clearer idea of what I want to tell with this story, but that still needs some investigation work and time.

I’m not exactly art-blocked. I can draw, a lot. It’s just that I’m jumping from one proyect to another, having very strong feelings, with a continuous sensation of Stendhal syndrome, and thinking I have to learn more and write better things and make better comics. Just that.

Just ( ̄_ ̄)

This is the cover page for the chapter no. 1 of my webcomic. There’s a previous chapter:  the prologue or “chapter 0”.
This page was made with inks on paper and Photoshop.

You can read the complete chapters 0 and 1 in Tapastic and Inkblazers.


Esta es la portada del capítulo 1 de mi webcomic. Puedes leer este capítulo y el prólogo completos, además de muchos extras, en la página:

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Officially art-blocked.
In times like this I just can draw birds.

I added some products with this illustration to my shop. Check them out here<-

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When I watched chapter 22 of SNK I was so amazed of how beautiful the skies are, that I spent all the time capturing screenshots.

No spoilers, just images. And some dead people there but well, that’s Attack on Titan so that’s pretty normal.

Un Andreos de buenas noches.

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